Why TMQ?

Why did we develop The Majestic Quran?

“The weighing up of deeds on that Day is a certainty. Anyone with heavy scales of good deeds will be successful” (7:8)

Problem 1 – We don’t understand Arabic

Imagine you’re in Makkah and praying Taraweeh behind Imam Sudais or Shuraim. The melodious recitation of the Quran is loudly recited echoing through the masjid and you’re there in the front row. The Imam is crying as he’s reciting the verses. You can hear the rest of the front row sobbing as they reflect on the powerful words being recited.

How do you feel? Pretty moved from the experience, right? But would you feel like the others feel? Probably not. You’d probably wonder what you were missing out on. That’s what reading the Quran feels like for many, today. But what if you actually understood the words being recited? How would that change your experience?

Problem 2 – Existing translations are hard to understand

We should be able to experience this Book how it should be. Where reading it is a pleasure. We should be able to lose ourselves in the Quran as we do with a good book or any classic literature. Allah’s Divine Words are the most powerful of them all. His is the greatest speech of all. But why is it often not having the impact it should? This happens to many of us every time we open up the Quran. 

We read but we do not feel. We do not feel because we do not understand. We believe it’s because we are only reading the Quran. We are not experiencing it. Experience is something you do with every limb, every organ, every part of your being. We are left richer from experience. It changes us!

Open Quran

Solution - The Majestic Quran

The reason people don’t experience the Quran like this is because it’s hard. You have to put the work in. You have to think. And well, because we have old, complicated translations and hard to read traditional Qurans, which are not quite geared for this.

So, we wanted to solve these two problems – understanding the Quran in our own language but more importantly, in a way that keeps us fully engaged. We believe the more you experience the Quran, the more you’re transformed. It is experience, and not merely reading that transforms the Quran from your hand to your heart. That’s why we put together The Majestic Quran. We hope it allows you to finally experience the powerful words of Allah and allow them to inspire you as they’ve always done for us.