Why is the Quran regarded a miracle?

The Quran itself says it is a miracle. They said, “We will not believe you until you bring for us; a gushing spring from the Earth; a garden of date trees and grapes with a river flowing through it; cause a piece of the sky to fall on us as you claim. Or until you bring Allah and the Angels face-to-face before us, or that you will have a house that is decorated with gold, or you bring a ladder that goes into the sky. No, we will not believe your rising through the sky; we will only be convinced if you will bring down to us a book that we can read. Say: Glory to My Lord, I am just a human being sent as a messenger.” (Isra:90-93).

Muslims believe that the Quran is the final word of Allah revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the agency of the angel Jibreel. A timeless, uncreated speech of the Almighty. The very idea of the Almighty Lord communicating with humans seems rationally impossible, but it has happened. The absolute Eternal Creator talking to the relative transient material creature. Therefore, it’s a miracle. A miracle is defined as an extraordinary event, other humans are incapable of doing it. The miracle helps the believers in strengthening their faith, it despises and answers the disbelievers.

Muhammad Asad in ‘The message of the Quran’ said “unlike any other book, the meaning and linguistic presentation of the Quran form one unbreakable hall. Position of individual words, sentence, the rhythm and sound of its phrases and their construction, the way the metaphors flow almost imperceptibly into a pragmatic statement, the use of acoustic stress not merely in the service of rhetoric but as a means of unloading, the unspoken but clearly implied ideas, all these make the Quran untranslatable, a fact that has been pointed out by earlier translators and by all Arab scholars.”

The Quran is Kalimatun Tayyabatun, words define; they shape, form and build. Words find the edges, set the boundaries, and give us the definition. Words communicate, they build connections, relationships family, community and culture. Words manifest things that are seen and unseen. Words don’t just define the world around us, they define who we are; the ways we relate to ourselves and others. Beautiful words of the art makers, gems loved by Allah. When our values align with the values of the Quran, our inner narrative tracks with the voice of the Lord who loves us and then we shine with beauty and goodness. Muslims have this incredible standard, a living miracle and a value system written in words, brought by the spirit Jibreel and written on the pages of The Majestic Quran. This is the power and the beauty of the living words that can change us.

According to Imam Qurtabi (d.1258) “the inimitability of the Quran is due to its precise language; the stylistics, comprehensiveness, unsurpassed just laws, its account of historical events, it’s free from any kind of contradiction, it’s prophecies were fulfilled, it masterly meets the human needs and impacts human feelings effectively”.

Ahmed Von Denffer said “the miracle of the Quran lies in it being the guidance… Here lies the uniqueness, miraculous nature and supremacy of the Quran over all other writings… The content of the guidance is evident. None has been able to produce a better guidance than the Quran. The message of the Quran is simple and clear. Hence any open-minded person seeking guidance free from prejudices and biases will receive guidance”.

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