Why do we read the Quran?

Before I answer this question, here are four facts about The Majestic Quran you must know:

  1. It’s Allah’s speech, that is effective and has a life-changing message.
  2. It’s incredibly persuasive and authoritative. So, let it water the deep recesses of your brain.
  3. It comforts and gives peace of mind in a way that nothing else does; restful, peaceful and meditative.
  4. It’s an easy-to-use guidebook; just try it. The stories are straightforward with simple wake-up calls and the instructions are easy to follow.

Now let’s examine why we read the Quran. I read it:

  • to escape the shallowness and flakiness of worldly life into the reality of Allah
  • for healing from the broken relationships and emotional pain
  • for developing empathy and building bridges with others
  • to understand myself better and my purpose in life
  • to feel the intense emotions that it evokes of the life hereafter
  • to earn lots of spiritual rewards
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