Which Quran to Buy?

This is an interesting question and as a translator of the Quran, it is obvious that I would be biased about my translation ‘The Majestic Quran’ why? Because it is in plain English, very reader-friendly and presented in a contemporary style.

Reading of translations is important to understand the Divine orders, prohibitions, moral and spiritual values. It contains the Will of our Creator, He wants us to live by it, it is the best guidebook, the book that transforms life. So, it’s an obligation that we read translations of the Quran. However, if you like old Shakespearean English then it must be Marmaduke Pickthals ‘The Noble Quran’, which was translated in 1930. If you like reading commentary then I suggest you get ‘The Study Quran’ by saying Hussain Nasr, this for some odd reason has the old Shakespearean English translation but the commentary is in contemporary English and in-depth and well researched based on classical commentaries.

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