What does the Quran say about alcohol?

The Quran is unambiguous and categorical about alcohol, “Believers, alcohol, gambling by drawing lots, the use of pagan sacrificial altars, or foretelling the future with arrows are all unclean acts of Satan; reject them, so that you may succeed in life. Satan wishes to sow enmity and hatred among you through wine and gambling and to divert you from the remembrance of Allah and performing the prayer. Won’t you stop? Obey Allah and obey the Messenger and beware: if you turn away then you should know that our Messenger’s duty is merely to deliver the message clearly” (Al-Maeda: 90-93).

Alcohol is a powerful drug with devastating effect on the whole body but particularly on the brain. The Quran does straight talk, no mincing of words just hard facts about the destructive effects of this liquid drug. The facts below are from the British Medical Association and they are alarming. The Divine words are ringing ever louder, showing the truth, it asks “won’t you stop?” This nasty and addictive habit, how can you doubt the truthfulness of the Quran?

Ten disturbing facts about Alcohol consumption in England (taken from HERE):

  1. 35% of all Accident & Emergency (A&E) attendance and ambulance costs are alcohol-related.
  2. There were 7,551 alcohol-specific deaths in England.
  3. 530 people died from alcohol poisoning.
  4. 240 fatal drink-drive accidents.
  5. Being impaired by alcohol is thought to be a contributory factor in 13% of pedestrian road deaths.
  6. 39% of all victims of violence in England and Wales said their attacker was affected by alcohol at the time.
  7. It is estimated that there were 561,000 violent alcohol-related incidents in 2017/18.
  8. Alcohol misuse is a factor in 30% of suicides each year.
  9. 357,659 estimated hospital admissions were due to an alcohol-related disease.
  10. There were 12,180 exclusions for drug and alcohol offences in English schools last year.

The Quran says alcohol “sows enmity and hatred among you,” This is the social impact of alcohol-related problems, it’s dreadful and results in broken families, abused children, domestic violence and ultimately millions of broken lives. The costs of alcohol are terrible. Allah and His Messenger spoke the truth.

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