Farah Kidy

image of Hijabi Women in cartoon form

“I have been using The Majestic Quran when practising my memorisation as I find it helps me understand the material more clearly. I like the summary at the start of the Surah and the paragraph headings help me to find links between the different narrative threads. This has been helpful to remember the sequencing when […]

Abdul Rahman Shah

“Wow! This Quran translation blew me away. It surpassed even Dr Mohsin Khan’s (a respected translation)! I gained a deeper understanding and fresh perspectives I never imagined. The key messages were beautifully presented chapter by chapter, offering profound reflections and saving me hours of contemplation. Intellectuals like me will adore this, as it illuminates the […]

Iqra Kauser

image of Hijabi Women in cartoon form

“The Majestic Quran is an absolutely amazing translation, so easy to understand that it encourages you to want to read more and keep on reading, usually it’s a task trying to understand but reading this version is pure pleasure SubhanAllah. May Allah bless Dr Musharraf endlessly for this – Truly amazing!”

Polash Ahmed

“This is the only Quran translation I actually read from 1st page to the last page in my life and I have dozens of different ones. Couldn’t stop reading once I began. I actually even read the whole author’s introduction etc everything which I never do with other books. I’ve recommended this translation to several […]

Dr. Saleema Burney

image of Hijabi Women in cartoon form

“It was so refreshing to encounter this beautiful translation, clearly crafted with love and attention to detail. The holism of this translation is what especially stands out, avoiding a fragmented reading of the text. In addition, the grouping of verses into thematic paragraphs is very helpful to the non-Arabic speaking reader. As a teacher, I […]

The Revd Canon Prof Keith Ward

“The cover is striking, and the comments on chapters are clear and helpful. It is good to have a different and more modern text than most – I like ‘God, the Kind, the Caring’. Of course ‘merciful and compassionate’ is good, but your phrase emphasises the nature of God even more directly as one who […]

Suma Din

“The Majestic Quran has a transformative effect on one’s daily reading for several reasons like the Arabic script is clear and easy to read, each Surat’s introduction is written in an accessible style, which draws out lessons from the main themes as well as the historical context. The translation is sectioned by topical headings, helping me […]

Abdul Rauf Khan

“I found this translation simple, plain and easy to read. Even an ordinary reader can enjoy the flow of the language with an understanding of the text. I recommend that in future editions more footnotes are provided as clarification for some verses. May Allah bestow his blessings upon the translator for his efforts to make […]

Farah Rehman

image of Hijabi Women in cartoon form

“The Majestic Quran is one of the best translations of the Quran that I have ever read. I would recommend it to everyone. It is so simple and easy to understand and it is beautiful, the way Dr Musharraf Hussain presented the translation and the way he has used a large font for the Arabic. […]

Rashid Zuberi

Man looking at camera

“I was put off by reading the Quran many times in English because of the archaic nature of the language used but The Majestic Quran has been an eye-opener for me, and I am sure it was a calling from Allah. I feel so blessed that I have read it before it’s too late. It […]