Which Quran to Buy?


This is an interesting question and as a translator of the Quran, it is obvious that I would be biased about my translation ‘The Majestic Quran’ why? Because it is in plain English, very reader-friendly and presented in a contemporary style. Reading of translations is important to understand the Divine orders, prohibitions, moral and spiritual […]

When was the Quran translated into English?


The history of Quran translation into English goes back to 1153 when a Latin translation of the Quran was produced in the Vatican. The first printed edition was produced in Basle (Switerzland) in 1543 with a preface written by Martin Luther, the man who split Christendom into two major factions, the protestants and the Catholics. […]

When was the Quran first revealed?


Quran means reading or recitation, the word has specifically come to mean the Quran revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Quran is the foundational book of Muslims and it is the complete and authentic record of the original revelations. The Quran was organised in its current form by the direct instructions […]

Which is the best English Quran translation?

Open Quran with Tasbih

  Authors of Quran translation agree that a good Quran translation must meet three criteria; accuracy, readability and presentation. Below we explain this in more detail: It must be accurate and represent the interpretation and understanding of the renowned scholars of Islam. I know that my translation has benefited hugely from the work of previous […]

Can the Quran be translated?

Different Quran Images

According to Muslim scholars, the Quran is not translatable. This view contradicts the Christian view about the Bible, which they believe is the Bible no matter what language it is written in. Professor Murata and Chittick stated “it is an Islamic dogma that the Quran cannot be translated. This is to say that Allah revealed […]