Can the Quran be read silently?


  The Quran is Allah’s speech revealed in an authoritative voice, yet gentle style to be read and pondered over. We can regard it as a letter from our Lord, the Sustainer and the Loving Protector. Therefore, it can be read silently or loudly. The recitation of the Quran is a form of remembrance of […]

Which Surah has Bismillah twice?


Every Surah of the Quran opens with the Basmalla (I begin with the name of Allah, the Kind, the Caring). However, Surah Tawbah is an exception. The commentators think this is because this surah expresses Divine anger and annoyance severely. It displays Allah’s anger, so it starts without the Basmalla, others say that this Surah […]

Whose is the best speech?


Allah has blessed us with the ability to speak. He gave us this ability so that we may communicate with one another, express our feelings and reveal our intentions. The tongue is a great endowment of Allah, which may be used to praise and thank Him for which one earns reward. The Quran says: “Whose […]

Can the Quran be read in English?


The Arabic Quran is the word of Allah, a Divine scripture and the speech of Allah. That’s why its reading earns merits, it’s a form of worship. All Muslims, Arab and non-Arab (80% of Muslims) ought to read it in Arabic. However, they must also read it in their native language so they can understand […]

Will the Quran never be changed?


Allah has declared that He is the protector of the Quran so we believe that Allah will protect His wonderful book. For more than 14 centuries the Quran has been preserved from change and will be preserved in the future till the Day of judgement. Not only are its words preserved but the meanings, implications, […]

How and why will Allah protect the Quran?


“We revealed the Reminder and We are its Protectors” (Al-Hijr: 9). The Reminder is one of the names of the Divine revelation (Quran); meaning it’s the collective memories of human history, it encapsulates the history of human disobedience and guides us on how to avoid the fate of the rebellious people. The simple meaning of […]

Why is the Quran in Arabic?

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  The immediate audience of the Messenger of God ﷺ was the Arabs living in Makkah. The Majestic Quran is guidance for faith and practices and it is obvious that this has to be in the language of the people. The Arabs were amazing poets and cherished their poetry, however, the Quran was not poetry, […]

When was the Quran completed?


  The revelation of The Majestic Quran started in Makkah, the city of the Messenger’s birth in the year 610 CE. He ﷺ received the first revelation of Surat Al-Alaq whilst he was on a spiritual retreat in the cave of Hira on Jabal-e-Noor (Mount of Light). “Recite in the name of your Lord Who […]

Which surah’s reading is recommended for Shifa (healing)?

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Spiritual Prescriptions   “People, your Lord’s teachings have come to you; they’re a healing balm for the diseases of the heart, and guidance and goodwill for the believers. Say, Its Allah’s grace and kindness, so celebrate since its better than all the wealth they accumulate” (Yunus: 57). This verse describes the Quran in such a […]

Which is the best English Quran translation?

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  Authors of Quran translation agree that a good Quran translation must meet three criteria; accuracy, readability and presentation. Below we explain this in more detail: It must be accurate and represent the interpretation and understanding of the renowned scholars of Islam. I know that my translation has benefited hugely from the work of previous […]