Which surah’s reading is recommended for Shifa (healing)?

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Spiritual Prescriptions   “People, your Lord’s teachings have come to you; they’re a healing balm for the diseases of the heart, and guidance and goodwill for the believers. Say, Its Allah’s grace and kindness, so celebrate since its better than all the wealth they accumulate” (Yunus: 57). This verse describes the Quran in such a […]

Will the Quran intercede and save us on Judgement Day?

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  Intercession comes from the Arabic Shaf’ah, which means to intervene on someone’s behalf and seek favours for them. We believe that the Quran will intercede for its readers on the day of judgement here are some of the sayings of the blessed Messenger (peace be upon him) on this topic: Abu Umamah reported I […]

Which is the best English Quran translation?

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  Authors of Quran translation agree that a good Quran translation must meet three criteria; accuracy, readability and presentation. Below we explain this in more detail: It must be accurate and represent the interpretation and understanding of the renowned scholars of Islam. I know that my translation has benefited hugely from the work of previous […]

Can I read the Quran without wudu?

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  The Quran is the speech of Allah, the Divine guidance, a supreme revelation of the Lord of the universe. It’s the passport to Paradise, a shield from the fire of Hell. It describes itself as the noble book, the exalted Scripture, and treasury of Divine wisdom. No wonder it stipulates that anyone who holds […]

Why is the Quran important?

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Muslims believe that the Quran is important because it is Divine revelation, i.e. the angel Gabriel brought the book from God to the Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) the final Prophet. The Quran is the speech of God, it is Divine guidance for humanity. Muslims believe that as the Quran is the word of […]

Can the Quran be translated?

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According to Muslim scholars, the Quran is not translatable. This view contradicts the Christian view about the Bible, which they believe is the Bible no matter what language it is written in. Professor Murata and Chittick stated “it is an Islamic dogma that the Quran cannot be translated. This is to say that Allah revealed […]