When was the Quran translated into English?


The history of Quran translation into English goes back to 1153 when a Latin translation of the Quran was produced in the Vatican. The first printed edition was produced in Basle (Switerzland) in 1543 with a preface written by Martin Luther, the man who split Christendom into two major factions, the protestants and the Catholics. […]

When was the Quran first revealed?


Quran means reading or recitation, the word has specifically come to mean the Quran revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Quran is the foundational book of Muslims and it is the complete and authentic record of the original revelations. The Quran was organised in its current form by the direct instructions […]

Will the Quran never be changed?


Allah has declared that He is the protector of the Quran so we believe that Allah will protect His wonderful book. For more than 14 centuries the Quran has been preserved from change and will be preserved in the future till the Day of judgement. Not only are its words preserved but the meanings, implications, […]

How and why will Allah protect the Quran?


“We revealed the Reminder and We are its Protectors” (Al-Hijr: 9). The Reminder is one of the names of the Divine revelation (Quran); meaning it’s the collective memories of human history, it encapsulates the history of human disobedience and guides us on how to avoid the fate of the rebellious people. The simple meaning of […]

Why is the Quran in Arabic?

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  The immediate audience of the Messenger of God ﷺ was the Arabs living in Makkah. The Majestic Quran is guidance for faith and practices and it is obvious that this has to be in the language of the people. The Arabs were amazing poets and cherished their poetry, however, the Quran was not poetry, […]

Can the Quran be translated?

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According to Muslim scholars, the Quran is not translatable. This view contradicts the Christian view about the Bible, which they believe is the Bible no matter what language it is written in. Professor Murata and Chittick stated “it is an Islamic dogma that the Quran cannot be translated. This is to say that Allah revealed […]