#30. Surat Al-Tariq – The Night Visitor

Watch Dr Musharraf Hussain sharing his thoughts and analysis of Surat Al-Tariq. This is a Makkan surat a with the central theme about the truthfulness of Judgement Day. After taking the oath of the shining stars, people are reminded, “There is a keeper over you” (4). Those who denied the Judgement Day are invited to reflect on their humble beginnings. Where do you come from? The evidence from the shooting stars, the spurted semen and the blooming plants and flowers are perfect illustrations of Allah’s ability to bring the living from the dead; a proof of resurrection. The next important question for the thoughtful is, “Where are we going?” A simple statement contains the answer: “Indeed Allah is fully able to return him to life” (8). Finally, the Makkans, who were busy insulting the beloved Messenger ﷺ are warned, “I too have a plan” (16). In the final verse, the Prophet ﷺ is gently instructed to relax.



In the name of Allah, the Kind, the Caring.

Where do you come from?

1 By the sky and the night visitor – 2 what can explain the night visitor to you? 3 A piercing comet. 4 There is a keeper over every person. 5 Let humans look at what they were created from; 6 they were created from spurted semen 7 that comes from bodily organs in the torso.

Where are you going?

8 Allah is fully able to return them to life, 9 on the Day when secrets will be exposed; 10 they won’t have any power and no helper. 11 By the sky and its repeated rain cycle12 and the Earth splitting open with new growth13 Indeed, this Majestic Quran is a decisive speech; 14 no joking matter. 15 They are continually plotting, 16 and I have a plan too. 17 Messenger, put up with the disbelievers; let them off for a short while.


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