#25. Surat Al-Shams – The Sun (Part 2)

Watch Dr Musharraf Hussain sharing his thoughts and analysis of Surat Al-Shams. This early Makkan surat opens with ten oaths. The first four relate to the sun and the last six to the sky, the earth and the human soul. The purpose of these oaths is to support the claim, “Then He inspired it to follow either its vice or virtue” (8).



In the name of Allah, the Kind, the Caring.

Success and failure is in human hands

9 Whoever purified himself succeeded, 10 and whoever was immoral failed himself. 11 The people of Thamud cruelly treated their Messenger12 When the most wicked among them was dispatched against him13 Allah’s Messenger told him, “Let Allah’s she-camel have her share of the water.” 14 But they denied him and hamstrung her, so due to this crime, their Lord destroyed them. 15 He didn’t fear its consequences.


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