#14. Surat Al-Qari’ah – The Sudden Calamity

Watch Dr Musharraf Hussain sharing his thoughts and analysis of Surat Al-Qari’ah. This is a Makkan surat that starts with a question about Judgement Day in order to open our eyes to the reality of it. It describes the momentous events of that Day and then points out the root of a successful life: good deeds, a guarantee for success. Those who lack good deeds will have “a blazing fire” prepared for them.



In the name of Allah, the Kind, the Caring.

Good deeds are the basis of success

The Sudden Calamity! What is the Sudden Calamity? What can explain the reality of the Sudden Calamity to you? The Day when people will look lost, like scattered moths and the mountains will sway like fluffy wool. So the one who has heavy scales of deeds will have a happy life. But the one who has light scales of deeds his home will be a bottomless pit. What can explain what it looks like to you? A Blazing Fire!


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