#37. Surat Al-Nazi’at – The Snatchers


Watch Dr Musharraf Hussain sharing his thoughts and analysis of Surat Al-Nazi’at. This is an early Makkan surat, its central theme is resurrection. The story of Pharaoh highlights why some people don’t believe, because of pride, selfishness and love of the world (15). The surat opens with five oaths – five descriptive, active participles that are enigmatic and unclear, making them difficult to translate. However, commentators have variously interpreted them as referring to warhorses, different winds, various stars, the souls of the righteous and the angels. The evidence invoked here leads to the conclusion, “You will certainly be resurrected.”


In the name of Allah, the Kind, the Caring

Resurrection is a grand plan with far-reaching outcomes

1 By the angels who snatch human souls, 2 the angels who take away human souls nimbly, 3 the angels floating naturally, 4 the angels speeding ahead, 5 the Angels managing Heavenly affairs. You will certainly be resurrected,a 6 on the Day the Trumpet is sounded for the first time, 7 then followed by the second blast. 8 Hearts will beat fast that Day, 9 their eyes downcast. 10 Today they ask, “Will we be returned to our previous state, 11 when we are rotten bones?” 12 Commenting on it they say, “That would be a useless exercise!” b 13 It will only take a single Trumpet blast, 14 and they will be back on open ground.


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