#22. Surat Al-Layl – The Night (Part 1)


Watch Dr Musharraf Hussain sharing his thoughts and analysis of Surat Al-Layl. This is an early Makkan surat with the central theme of diversity in human endeavours, enterprises and efforts. However, the primary choice confronting people is between good or evil and practising moral values. The surat identifies righteous people as those who have three outstanding qualities:

  1. Generosity
  2. Mindfulness of Allah
  3. Appreciation for good

The three inner dimensions of human life are mentioned: the moral, spiritual and social. As a reward for goodness, Allah says, “We shall soon make his work easy” (8). This is the Quranic hero, the champion and Beloved of Allah ﷺ. In contrast is the miserly, the forgetful, and the denier of good. For such a wretch, “We shall make his work hard” (10).

These two contrasting statements, “We shall make his work easy” and “We shall make his work hard,” clearly show that Allah has given free will to humanity. However, He aids and supports those who wish to do good and hinders those who do wrong. Once a habit is developed that brings pleasure or material gains, many become comfortable with it and adopt it as a way of life. The same applies to being mindful of Allah. The more the worship, the easier the way to Allah.



In the name of Allah, the Kind, the Caring.

Diversity and differences in creation

1 By the night as it conceals 2 by the day as it reveals 3 by the male and the female He created. 4 Indeed your works are different from each other’s 5 so the one who gives, is mindful of Allah 6 and believes in common good, 7 We shall make his work easy. 


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