#20. Surat Al-Duha – The Morning Brightness (Part 2)

Watch Dr Musharraf Hussain sharing his thoughts and analysis of Surat Al-Duha. This is an early Makkan surat. According to Imam Suyuti, there was a short period when the revelation stopped and the Messenger ﷺ did not preach, prompting the Makkans to say mockingly, “Your Satan has deserted you.” The Messenger ﷺ was upset and the surat was revealed to reassure him. To cope with this stressful personal experience, he is given a four-point strategy to overcome stress and sorrow:

  1. Get rid of negative thoughts
  2. Be determined that you will succeed
  3. Recall your past successes
  4. Set yourself clear targets

The basic message it contains is an amazing force field of energy, which can heal our anxieties. Furthermore, it gives a snapshot of the orphan life of the Messenger ﷺ, his dire poverty, deep spiritual experience, and marriage with a wonderful lady, Khadija the Great (Allah be pleased with Her).



In the name of Allah, the Kind, the Caring.

Oaths highlighting Allah’s loving care of the Prophet

1 By the brightness of mid-morning, 2 by the night’s darkness. 3 Your Lord hasn’t deserted you, nor is He displeased with you. 4 Your future will be better than the past. 5 And your Lord will give you so much that you will be well-pleased.

Past favours guide the way

6 Didn’t He find you an orphan and shelter you? 7 Didn’t He find you absorbed in Divine love, and guide you? 8 And didn’t He find you needy and made you prosperous? 9 So, don’t be harsh with the orphan, 10 nor chase away the beggar, 11 and speak positively about the gifts of your Lord.


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