Our Values​

Throughout the development of The Majestic Quran, our values have always been the backbone to our cause. Our values drive our efforts and behaviour so we are able to serve the Ummah.

“Those who listen attentively to what is said and follow the best of it, Allah has guided these, the ones with understanding” (39:18)

Driven by Dawah

We do what we do in order to spread Allah’s word as far and wide as possible

Authenticity for Allah

We must stay true to Allah’s words and ensure the message is never compromised

Love for the Quran

We strive to deepen our relationship with the Quran

Simplicity over Complexity

We believe simplicity and minimalism is the key to unlocking true accessibility and enjoyment

Experience is Everything

Everything we do is to drastically improve how we experience the Quran and engage with it

Focused and Forward-thinking

We are innovative and open to new ideas and technologies