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“Allah granted them both the rewards of this world and an excellent reward in the Hereafter. Allah loves those who strive to do good” (3:148)

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Dr Ibrahim Negm
Senior Advisor to the Grand Mufti of Egypt

“This new translation reflects the original beautiful meaning of the Glorious Quran in plain English. Its language is contemporary and presents an accurate interpretation of the meanings of the Quran according to classical Muslim commentators. Dr Musharraf’s translation is accessible and readable in English, and it is an excellent addition to the field of Quran translations.”

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Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
Singer, Songwriter

“The translation from Dr Musharraf Hussain did finally reach me and I really want to pass on my gratitude to him. It’s a beautiful and rich English language work with new aspects and comments (especially in the side margins), which are tremendously insightful and inspired.”

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Imam Qari Asim, MBE
Chairman MINAB, Senior editor @ImamsOnline

“The Majestic Quran is an excellent translation in contemporary English, it’s faithful to the original text and presents the meaning and the message thematically.”

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Prof. Akbar Ahmed
American University, Washington DC

“Dr Hussain was inspired to translate the Quran to share his love of its ‘breathtaking beauty’. In attempting to avoid the ‘old-fashioned English’ of Pickthall and Yusuf Ali, he has avoided such ‘old’ terminology as much as possible, while still retaining the original meaning of the Majestic Quran. As if to underscore the point, his sub-title is ‘A Plain English Translation’.”

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Dr Holger Zellentin
Lecturer in Classical Rabbinic Judaism, University of Cambridge

“Dr Hussain’s new translation combines deep piety with philological accuracy, conveying the complexity of the text with admirable simplicity… in plain English. This new translation invites us all to appreciate the Islamic scripture in a new way and will enrich experienced readers as well as beginners.”

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Shaykh Amer Jamil
Director iSyllabus

“It often requires much effort on the part of the reader to understand the message of the Quran and in particular where the language used is sometimes unfamiliar from the normal reading experience. This translation has strived to make the Quran accessible and effortless for the contemporary reader. I believe the Majestic Quran has made an original contribution to the existing translations of the Quran and will come to be used widely.”

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Prof Abdur Raheem Kidwai
Aligarh University, India

“This translation of the Quran is commendable for its successful attempt at conveying the meaning and message. The lucid translation … will advance readers’ understanding of the Quran.”

Yasrab Daud Shah
Special Programmes Manager - Muslim Hands

“Dr Hussain’s translation is a beautiful rendering of the divine message, aiding our understanding … It is a wonderful addition to the field of Quran translation.”

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Dr Asam Latif
NIHR Clinical-Academic Lecturer, University of Nottingham

“The Majestic Quran in Plain English is an inspirational, forward-thinking, new way of presenting Quranic translation that is accessible to a modern audience.”

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Dr Zafar Iqbal
Associate Medical Director Public Health, Staffordshire

“Congratulations to Dr Musharraf Hussain for translating the Quran into really easy to follow ‘plain English’. I have found it flows better than any other I have ever had. With only a few footnotes, which are useful but don’t dominate and a nice clear intro to each Surah, it is well worth getting a copy. Alhamdulillah!”

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Maulana Waqaus Ali
Chief Executive ILM 2 AMAL, Bolton

“…I thoroughly enjoyed its simple thematic structure and relevance to our times/cultural landscape. I must congratulate you on this excellent effort and years of toil and hard work mashaAllah tabrakAllah. I made and continue to make dua to Allah (swt) that he accepts this as a means of achieving greater understanding, peace, guidance, tranquillity and transformation in the world, Ameen.”

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Aisha Cahn

“I am really enjoying reading The Majestic Quran. I love the way the translation has been contextualised into the subheadings. Great work, Masha Allah!”

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Maulana Abdul Hai Shami
Imam and Qari, Karimia Institute

“The translation presents the message of the Quran with clarity, reveals how the genuine Believer lives a lofty life of morality and spiritual yearning. Everyone should have this.”

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That Revert Girl

“I am the biggest fan of the Majestic Quran. I have been a Muslim for 7 years and I have read over 10 different translations of the Quran but I’ve never connected with the Quran the way that I did when I read the Majestic Quran. I have bought a copy for my husband, family and many friends. It’s not only the way you have translated it to make it easy for anyone to understand, but it’s the surah background texts and headings that help bring it all into context. As a revert for 7 years, the Majestic Quran has helped me build a connection with the Quran that didn’t come easily before. Alhamdulillah.”

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Samerah Darr
Practice Nurse, Dewsbury

“I’m totally blown away by ‘The Majestic Quran’. It’s an absolute gem and the answer to my prayers. Jazakallah so much and may Allah reward you. I absolutely love it and each section, sub-heading and summary of each surah brings clarity and the footnotes expand to explain any queries. The opening text provides a sense of history and provides a foundation from which to build on and move forwards and this makes sense to me. Truly breathtaking!!”

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Dr Jamil Ahmad
Director of Nationwide Healthcare Providers Ltd

“Masha-Allah, a beautifully written translation that I can understand. The subheadings are especially helpful in both the reading and understanding of the translation. The introduction of each Surah puts the reader in the right perspective before actually reading the Surah. Reading the Majestic Quran is extremely inspirational, such that before leaving the house in the morning, I have to read a few pages in Arabic and then the translation.”

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Mohamad Abdulrahman
Quran researcher, Leeds University

“We are indeed in dire need for such translations, which bring us closer towards unveiling the spirit of the Quranic text. As a researcher in the field of Quranic translations with a particular interest in coherence, nazm and structure, I have been looking for a translation that serves this holistic purpose of my research. However, I was discouraged by the lack thereof since the majority of Quranic translations adhere to an atomistic approach. When I found your magnificent ‘The Majestic Quran’ translation, it was as if I found a treasure. May Allah bless you and reward you!”

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Parveen Hussain
College Lecturer, Halifax

“At last, a plain English translation, a much-needed source of Divine guidance that will enlighten and educate generations to come. A must read for those who want to understand the message and teachings of Islam.”

Atif Hussain
Secondary School Teacher

“The Majestic Quran is easy to understand since it uses plain English, fit for the 21st century. The use of section headings helps in clarifying the message of the Quran and links the passages of the Surat.”

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Nabeela Hussain
Fig Tree Primary School, Headteacher

“The Majestic Quran is unquestionably the best translation of our time, it presents the inspiring, empowering and practical message of the Quran plainly.”

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Imam Hafiz Khurram Rafiq
Imam and Headteacher, Ilford Islamic Centre

“The Quran is Allah’s direct speech, a powerful sermon, full of warnings and good news. This translation captures this style effectively. It’s moving and urges the reader to repent. This is what every Muslim needs today …”

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Peter Riddell
Initiatives of Change, Oxford

“I was delighted to receive the beautifully-bound copy of the Majestic Quran ‘in plain English’! To be honest, I had tried very hard to read a previous translation and had given up after some time. But at first glance, this seems much more accessible. I will read a little every day in my morning quiet time.”

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Sadia Chishti
Fig Tree Nursery Manager, Nottingham

“The Majestic Quran is very easy to understand as plain English has been used. Great layout, a very good introduction is given before every Surah, which helps to give a background about the Surah. An amazing translation has been put together for this generation.”

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Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad
Teacher, Quran Study Group

“The Majestic Quran is a very commendable translation. The translator has done a marvellous job in undertaking a flowing and simplified translation of the Quran in modern English, occasional footnotes and of course the background information to the Surah’s, which for me is the most attractive feature.”

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Nibras Malik
College Student

“The words read effortlessly and reflect Divine grace with authority, this is because it uses plain but effective vocabulary.”

Hafiz Obaid Ali Bhatti
Airline Pilot

“This translation in plain English provides a beautiful flowing and effective prose that is easy to understand. It’s invaluable.”

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Saima Khan
An-Nisa Network, Nottingham

“I’m absolutely loving the new Quran translation and all four of my children have already started reading and appreciating this new translation. This is going to be the best buddy in Ramadan. InshaAllah.”

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Stephen Pett
National RE Adviser - RE Today Services

I was very impressed with its accessibility and clarity. When we produce resources and materials for teachers to explore Islam in the classroom, we sometimes struggle to find a translation of the meanings of the Qur’an that is accessible to non-Muslim, non-specialist pupils (and teachers). At first glance, The Majestic Qur’an looks to be ideal for quoting in this situation“.

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Dr Raymond Farrin
Professor of Arabic - American University, Kuwait

“The Majestic Quran is certainly an outstanding rendition. I especially like all the ways you help make the structure and meaning clearer to the reader. While Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s translation has been my preferred one so far, I think The Majestic Quran will become my favourite.”

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Mohamad Yahya

“The best English translation I have come across. Very easy to understand, because of its everyday language. I also like Yusuf Ali’s translation, but I prefer this one, because of its simplicity.”

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Dr Z Roohi Ahmed
Business Consultant

“The Majestic Quran is truly amazing. The translation enhances the whole experience MashaAllah. May Allah (swt) reward you for your wonderful work.”

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Tabassum Awan

“This translation has enabled me to gain knowledge that was not so easy to get for 34 years of my life. The Majestic Quran for me is now a daily, practical book of guidance because I do not understand Arabic, and often English translations have been a slower read. This is a book that I cannot put down.”

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Rashid Qureshi
Distribution Manager

I purchased this quran and read it from start to finish and yes it took longer as I read the translation but it made me think and reflect more, so jazak Allah.

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Tayyebah Jiva MBE
Quality Assurance Manager

“The Majestic Quran has been a blessing to me and I study it every Sunday with a couple of family members and I am benefiting from being able to reflect on the meanings/values now in a way I have not been able to in the past.”

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Maryam Kayani

“As a complete novice of the Arabic language, this translation is my connection to the Quran. My eyes are watering as I read it because finally, I’m reading the Quran in a story-like manner, where themes are broken down and principles are clearly headlined and detailed.”

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Miss Iram

“SubhanAllah! The Majestic Quran is perfect. It’s everything I ever wanted, with the simple translation, to the clear subject headings. The context of every surah is so informative. From an academic perspective, this is the best Quran I have come across that is clear and concise for anyone wishing to study the Quran. Thank you.”

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Andleeb Hanif
Managing Editor of Asian Express

“I believe The Majestic Quran carries innovative features, which explain the meaning of the Quran to our younger generation. Whilst reading, we often pause and deliberate. This is the most brilliant way of encouraging interactivity and thought-provoking exploration of Allah’s divine word with young people.”

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Saiqa Hussain
RE Teacher

“I truly love and look forward to reading ‘The Majestic Quran’ on a daily basis and Alhamdullilah, it spiritually enriches me and gives me guidance to take away my concerns, worries and increases me in my Taqwa and Tawwaqal in that The Almighty is All-Knowing and All-Hearing. Subhan’Allah.”

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Iram Gilani
Islamabad, Pakistan

“I have never read any translation, which is so easy to understand in my life. I have bought 9 copies already and started gifting it to family and friends because I hope they can also understand it.”

Man with Glasses
Talal Itani
Translator of Quran in English

“It’s a wonderful translation. You have knowledge, courage and strength. Thank you and may Allah reward you immensely.”

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Maruf Yusupov

“It was love at first sight even without opening the cover. It’s beautifully designed. However, the real gem was waiting inside. After I started reading it, I began to realise what I was missing from the other English translation of the Quran. The translator has done a great job. Instead of translating verse by verse, he translated by sections and paragraphs. So when you read, there is a better flow and coherence. It has replaced my existing translation, which I used to read on my phone.”

Smiling man
Dr Riyaz Timol
Research Associate, Cardiff University

“I actually completed an entire khatam of the Quran using this book during Ramadan this year and the wonderful side-by-side translation – very helpfully broken down into sub-sections! – transformed my experience of engaging with the sacred text. Thank you for this contribution to Islamic scholarship and I hope my recitation will count in your Record, insha-Allah.”

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Bushra Gulfraz

“I’m blessed to have many translations of the Holy Quran, however since I first started reading ‘The Majestic Quran’, the joy I have is indescribable! I start reading and find the language, the style and especially the summaries very useful SubhanAllah. I love everything about it, Alhamdulillah.”

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Jennifer Ismat

“I wanted to express my gratitude for The Majestic Quran translation. Alhamdulillah, I have recently started reading it and I have found it to be a very helpful translation masha-Allah. I especially enjoy the sub-headings in red for each verse or group of verses and the introductions to each Surah that helps put the Quranic verses in context.”

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Sana Saphira

“Thank you so much for this beautiful Quran and the quick delivery, I ordered it for my 6 and 4-year-old daughters and it came in today, we read the first 2 pages and its very easy to understand the translation. I recommend it to everyone it’s well worth the £20 and a beautiful gift for a child and grownup for Ramadan or Eid.”

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Humayra Fairuz Rahman

“I have purchased ‘The Majestic Quran’ and I am grateful to have found it because it has made me more engaged in reading the Quran and I really enjoy reading the Quran. It is very simple, which has helped me a lot and it is beautiful. Thank you.”

image of Hijabi Women in cartoon form
Halima Khatun

“I am grateful that this was put in my path and I made the purchase. The Quran is beautiful and I understand the script just like my mum’s old Quran, which is falling apart. I just passed my level 3 Arabic and now I want to increase my knowledge of the meaning. I want to thank Modest street for putting this on her snap and giving the review… I cannot thank you enough and I pray for you all that have processed this whole transaction for me.”

image of Hijabi Women in cartoon form
Saira Zuberi

“This translation of the Quran led me on a personal journey in discovering my faith and appreciating the simplicity of Islam and its true principles. The Quran continually urges us to reflect and emphasises kindness, humanity, and moderation. The basic but beautiful narrative of this translation compels you to live by these teachings. Dr Musharraf Hussain’s translation is a must-read for anyone who wishes to understand Islam.”

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Rashid Zuberi

“I was put off by reading the Quran many times in English because of the archaic nature of the language used but The Majestic Quran has been an eye-opener for me, and I am sure it was a calling from Allah. I feel so blessed that I have read it before it’s too late. It has indeed changed me.

image of Hijabi Women in cartoon form
Farah Rehman

“The Majestic Quran is one of the best translations of the Quran that I have ever read. I would recommend it to everyone. It is so simple and easy to understand and it is beautiful, the way Dr Musharraf Hussain presented the translation and the way he has used a large font for the Arabic. I have bought copies of the hardback version for my siblings and Alhamdulillah they are enjoying it as well.

Abdul Rauf Khan
Former Director Senate of Pakistan

“I found this translation simple, plain and easy to read. Even an ordinary reader can enjoy the flow of the language with an understanding of the text. I recommend that in future editions more footnotes are provided as clarification for some verses. May Allah bestow his blessings upon the translator for his efforts to make the Quran understandable.”

Suma Din
Award-winning Author

“The Majestic Quran has a transformative effect on one’s daily reading for several reasons like the Arabic script is clear and easy to read, each Surat’s introduction is written in an accessible style, which draws out lessons from the main themes as well as the historical context. The translation is sectioned by topical headings, helping me to focus on what the message is for that particular ayaat. There are little nuggets of commentary on a personal level on each page, which again, help for thinking deeply about the message in relation to ourselves. There are three indexes that make this production exceptionally useful for research/teaching purposes. The overall production is of a high standard. An ideal gift to others and oneself .”

The Revd Canon Prof Keith Ward
English Philosopher and Theologian

“The cover is striking, and the comments on chapters are clear and helpful. It is good to have a different and more modern text than most – I like ‘God, the Kind, the Caring’. Of course ‘merciful and compassionate’ is good, but your phrase emphasises the nature of God even more directly as one who cares for human welfare. I think it will be most helpful for a better understanding of Islam, and I congratulate you on your achievement.”

image of Hijabi Women in cartoon form
Dr. Saleema Burney
University of Birmingham

“It was so refreshing to encounter this beautiful translation, clearly crafted with love and attention to detail. The holism of this translation is what especially stands out, avoiding a fragmented reading of the text. In addition, the grouping of verses into thematic paragraphs is very helpful to the non-Arabic speaking reader. As a teacher, I especially value the thoughtful prompts in the margins, and use them as talking points! May Allah reward Dr.Musharraf and his team amply for their efforts, and may the Majestic Quran continue to guide future generations.”

Polash Ahmed

“This is the only Quran translation I actually read from 1st page to the last page in my life and I have dozens of different ones. Couldn’t stop reading once I began. I actually even read the whole author’s introduction etc everything which I never do with other books. I’ve recommended this translation to several friends & family with the guarantee that if they didn’t like it after purchasing it, I will refund them personally. More than a dozen have bought it and everyone loved it! ♥️

image of Hijabi Women in cartoon form
Iqra Kauser

“The Majestic Quran is an absolutely amazing translation, so easy to understand that it encourages you to want to read more and keep on reading, usually it’s a task trying to understand but reading this version is pure pleasure SubhanAllah.
May Allah bless Dr Musharraf endlessly for this – Truly amazing!”

Abdul Rahman Shah
Toronto, Canada

“Wow! This Quran translation blew me away. It surpassed even Dr Mohsin Khan’s (a respected translation)! I gained a deeper understanding and fresh perspectives I never imagined. The key messages were beautifully presented chapter by chapter, offering profound reflections and saving me hours of contemplation. Intellectuals like me will adore this, as it illuminates the Quran and the modern world. Truly impressed! Must reread to absorb its wisdom fully.”

image of Hijabi Women in cartoon form
Farah Kidy
University of Warwick

“I have been using The Majestic Quran when practising my memorisation as I find it helps me understand the material more clearly. I like the summary at the start of the Surah and the paragraph headings help me to find links between the different narrative threads. This has been helpful to remember the sequencing when reciting the longer passages.”

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