Is there a Quran for busy people?

To believe that I am busy is a mental construct, it’s how I have prioritised my tasks, daily routines, domestic duties and work. It’s all about prioritisation. So, you can make a mental list of what are the most important tasks for you, so it comes first and then the next important and so on. So, are you ready to ask yourself how important does Allah deserve the first position? Then the Prophet (peace be upon him)? Then the Quran?

There’s nothing like The Majestic Quran for showing you the way to eternal success and happy life. Every word of the Quran is Allah-inspired and beneficial for you one way or another – showing the truth, revealing our disobedience, correcting our mistakes, training us to live Allah’s way.

Here’s why you should read the Quran:

  • So, you won’t be spellbound by the materialistic society, misled by Satan and your evil ego. The Quran speaks to you directly that’s why you need to know the Quran. Allah says “This is a book that We sent down to you, a blessed book, so people may contemplate its verses, and the intelligent might heed” (Saad: 29).
  • In another verse, it says “This is a reminder for all the people, and in due course, you will know its truthfulness” (Saad: 87-88).
  • To develop your character, to become Allah’s representative on earth, so you are kind, honest, generous, just, forgiving, patient, modest and thankful. These are the markers of holiness and wholeness. When you read the Quran you become kind and caring, the kindness you experience will move you to act and make a difference and this will connect you with others.
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