How familiar are you with the Quran?

Most of us think that we’re familiar with the Quran, just because we read it regularly. In fact, we aren’t. How many stories of the Quran do you know? How many parables of the Quran do you know? How many proverbs of the Quran do you know? And what do you know about the Quran’s teachings on:

  • Worship and devotion to Allah
  • His beautiful names and amazing creative power seen in the creation around us
  • The vivid descriptions of the delights of Heaven and the horrors of Hell
  • Moral character, (can you define moral virtues like kindness, goodness, gratitude, generosity, courage, justice)
  • The spiritual relationship with Allah, the Mighty Creator (you know what is Taqwa? What is reliance?)
  • Our responsibilities towards fellow human beings (the rights of parents, children, relatives, friends, community fellow workers?)

We must learn these gems; they need to be explained and understood in depth. My purpose is not to criticise your ability, but to help you make a self-assessment of where you stand in relationship with the Quran. Once we make this kind of careful assessment of our knowledge and understanding, we will identify the gaps and begin to fill them. This is meditation, self-scrutiny and reflection, the Prophet commended “a moment’s reflection is better than 60 years of worship.”

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