How does the Quran guide and misguide at the same time?

Before we answer this question let’s understand how the Quran guides. Guidance is making clear the message, it’s a direction of a journey, the route including the resources needed to reach the destination. Allah is Al-Hadi, the Guide, the Majestic Quran is Hidayah, the Divine guidance. So, Allah has provided humanity with the direction, resources and means necessary to submit and to become Muslim. Allah is pleased when a person accepts guidance and displeased when someone denies it: “Allah is not pleased with His servant’s denial and disbelief” (Al-Zumar: 7). However, He has given human’s the choice to believe or to reject: “If Your Lord wanted, He could have made all on Earth believers” (Yunus: 99). So, who gets guidance? The Quran says: “Allah lets those who want to be misled go astray, and guides those who turn to Him” (Ar-R’ad: 27). So, those who are obedient, submit and want to be guided Allah guides: “the one who believes in Allah He guides his heart” (Al-Taghabun:11). But the disobedient and the sinners are left to their devices: “Allah doesn’t guide the sinners” (Al-Munafiqun: 6).

Allah says, “We guided the people of Thamud, but they preferred blindness over guidance” (Fussilat: 18). The Majestic Quran emphasises “Allah selects for Himself anyone He wills and guides the one who turns to Him” (Shura: 13). In another place He says “How can you make the deaf hear or the blind to see? Or the one who is misled?” (Az-Zuhruf: 40).

Only the disobedient are misguided “Allah is not embarrassed to give an example of a mosquito or something smaller. The believers know this is the truth from their Lord, but the disbelievers say, “What does Allah mean by this example?” He allows many to be misled by it and others to be guided: it’s the disobedient who are misguided by it, those who break their contract with Allah after it has been agreed; they sever the ties that Allah has ordered to be joined, and they make trouble in the land, these are the losers” (Al-Baqarah: 26-27).

The Quran is saying that the same message can guide the faithful but mislead the disbelievers. It reflects their choice and way of understanding. The disbeliever’s mocking attitude towards the revelation coupled with their arrogance and stubbornness deprives them of proper logical thinking, so they are misguided, as they further snigger at it.

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