How and why will Allah protect the Quran?

We revealed the Reminder and We are its Protectors” (Al-Hijr: 9).

The Reminder is one of the names of the Divine revelation (Quran); meaning it’s the collective memories of human history, it encapsulates the history of human disobedience and guides us on how to avoid the fate of the rebellious people. The simple meaning of this verse is that Allah has taken the responsibility of protecting His remarkable revelation. This guarantees its sacredness and security from any kind of change, addition or substitution. So that its words, meanings and applications are protected. These three formidable tasks are performed by the Huffaz who have memorised it, the scholars who learn and teach its meanings and the 1.9 billion Muslims globally who try to live by its teachings.

There are nearly 20 million Huffaz in the world who have memorised the entire Quran. The memorisation of the Quran has been done dutifully from the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him). It’s regarded as a great honour, the Prophet (peace be upon him) motivated parents to inspire their children to carry out this duty diligently, he (peace be upon him) said: “The parents of the Huffaz will be crowned on Judgement day and the glittering diamonds and jewels of the crown will be envied by all” (Tirmidhi). The number of scholars is even higher who have dedicated their lives to learning and teaching The Majestic Quran. There is 1.9 billion Muslims in the world and all of them wish to live by this great book!

Further proof of how Allah is protecting the Quran can be observed by looking at the different copies from countries all over the world and comparing them against each other and even comparing them to the oldest manuscripts, like the one, for instance, in Birmingham University that dates back to 568 CE, they are all 100% identical, Subhan-Allah! Even non-Muslims have vouched for the purity of the Quran like Sir William Muir who said: “There is probably in the world no other book, which has remained twelve centuries with so pure a text.”

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