Daily Jang (Pakistan)

Published 14 December 2020

by Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan

Translated from Urdu

Today, at your service, I will comment on three great books. The first book is the translation of the Holy Quran, this one is an excellent and simple English translation. Its translator is Dr Musharraf Hussain. I met him about 30 years ago at a school function near Kahuta. He was born in England. From there he did his PhD in Biochemistry, worked on research for a few years, then came to Pakistan to study Islam and graduated from Al-Azhar University. Has been involved in religious education and welfare work since 1994. He has authored several books on Islam. In 2009, the British government awarded him the title of OBE in recognition of his religious and philanthropic services. The translation was published by Invitation Publishing in Nottingham. Ten eminent scholars and experts of the Islamic world have commented highly on this book. May Allah protect Dr Musharraf Hussain, keep him healthy, keep him safe from all evils and conspiracies and grant him a long life so that he can continue to serve the religion and May God bless you with good deeds. Ameen!

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