Summary of Juz 10

The number 10 in Arabic

Surat al-Anfal continued A moving account of the battle of Badr shows the way the battlefield was organised. The Prophet ﷺ marked the places where some of the Makkan leaders would fall and die. Allah made the enemy appear fewer than they were, and the Muslims appeared to be more than they really were. There […]

Summary of Juz 11

The number 11 in Arabic

Surat al-Tawba continued The goodness of the faithful Whilst Surat al-Tawba exposes the wicked nature of the hypocrites, it honoured the true believers as Allah’s property, “Repentant, worshippers, praise Allah, fast, bow, prostrate, enjoin good, forbid evil, and keep to the boundaries of Allah” (112). The loyal and dedicated companions are praised, “Allah is well […]

Summary of Juz 12

The number 12 in Arabic

Surat Hud The central theme of this late Makkan surah is the history of human disobedience. The Messenger ﷺ and the Muslims are reassured by a narrative based on the experiences of seven prophets. It supports the line, “Prophet say, “I am certainly a warner for you and giver of good news from Him” (2). […]

Summary of Juz 13

Surat Yusuf continued Once Yusuf’s name was cleared, he agreed to accept the prestigious post of the treasurer of Egypt. “Put me in charge of the country’s stores,” Yusuf said (55), the famine which Yusuf had forecasted affected the whole region, so Yusuf’s brothers from Canaan visited Egypt in search of grains. He recognized them […]

Summary of Juz 14

The number 14 in Arabic

Surat Al Hijr – The Rock City Juz 14 opens with surah Al-Hijr, revealed in the final years of the Prophetic mission. The central theme discusses the Makkans’ attitude towards the Prophet ﷺ. They are not serious about spiritual matters, and love worldly life, “Leave them to eat and enjoy themselves, preoccupied with long hopes” […]

Summary of Juz 15

The number 15 in Arabic

Surat al-Isra’- The Ascension Juz 15 begins with this late Makkan surah, it briefly mentions the Prophet’s ﷺ miraculous Ascension. His amazing night journey from Makkah to Jerusalem, and then to the celestial heights, finishing in the Divine Presence. The journey is an announcement of the timeliness of the message of the Prophet ﷺ for […]

Summary of Juz 16

The number 16 in Arabic

Surat al-Kahf continued The story of Musa and Khidr continues. Musa humbly requests to accompany Khidr, who reluctantly allows him but with the caution – don’t question me. Three incidents occur. Khidr deliberately damages a fishing boat, kills a young boy and rebuilds the wall of a rundown house. Musa is annoyed with these actions […]

Summary of Juz 17

The number 17 in Arabic

Surat al-Anbiya – The Prophets Juz 17 begins with Surat al-Anbiya and the central theme is the essence of the basic beliefs of Islam, monotheism, prophethood and the Hereafter. Minds distracted by the world forget the Hereafter yet it is drawing ever near. People are busy criticising the Prophet who wants to save them. Allah […]

Summary of Juz 18

The number 18 in Arabic

Surat al-Muminun – The Believers Juz 18 opens with Surat al-Muminun, the central theme is faith in Allah and the resurrection. Both are interwoven into the purpose of life. This explains why a true believer is contemplative and socially active, unlike the “armchair” believer. The true believer is faithful, generous, responsible and humble. Avoids useless […]

Summary of Juz 19

The number 19 in Arabic

Surat al-Furqan continued The disbelievers are warned of the dreadful consequences of rejecting faith: “Can you can be a guardian for someone who makes a god of his whims?” (43). Turning to the natural world it points out the amazing creative power of Allah: the shadow, the nightfall, the rain, seawater, blood and marriage relatives, […]