The Majestic Quran Summary

Reading The Majestic Quran means different things to different people. From childhood we have been conditioned to tilawat, the recitation of the Quran for the sake of sawab, Divine reward; that’s great, but let me add that you should read the English translation too, study the Quran with your mind and experience the life-changing message […]

Summary of Juz 1

The Number 1 in Arabic

1. Surat al-Fatiha In the name of Allah, the Kind, the Caring. All praises are for Allah the Lord of the worlds. The Kind, the Caring. The Controller of Judgement Day. We worship You alone and from You alone we seek help. Guide us on the straight path: the path of those You favoured, not […]

Summary of Juz 2

The Number 2 in Arabic

Surat al-Baqara continued In Madinah, the Muslims were free to practice Islam in a way they were not able to in Makkah. They are encouraged to develop a civil society defined by a belief system with spiritual and moral values and underscored by legal and political standards. The surah established a clear legal context to […]

Summary of Juz 3

The Number 3 in Arabic

Surat al-Baqara continued The opening verse of this Juz points to the spiritual hierarchy, prophets are honoured according to their ranks. This supported the Israelites idea of ‘being favoured people’. However, Allah sets the rule of meritocracy, and that is based on faith, efforts and Divine grace. The ‘Verse of the Throne’ is a glorious […]

Summary of Juz 4

The number 4 in Arabic

Surat Ale-Imran-continued The fourth Juz opens with the declaration, you will only do well when you give your best. Learn lessons from the stories of the Israelites. Muslims do not invent beliefs and practices that contradict divine teachings nor innovate. Before declaring the pilgrimage as an obligation for anyone who can afford it, the Quran […]

Summary of Juz 5

The Number 5 in Arabic

Surat An-Nisa continued The fifth Juz opens by declaring that a man and woman can enjoy intimacy and loving relationship only through marriage. Marriage is the most cherished relationship and the dowry symbolises its importance. Only marry a believing woman, the Quran declares. Marriage is a wonderful institution where two people share pleasures and sorrows. […]

Summary of Juz 6

The Number 6 in Arabic

Surat An-Nisa continued If someone is treated unfairly, they can disclose the wrongdoers’ identity. An important principle of religion is ‘it’s all or none’. You cannot choose to do one thing and leave out another, it is a complete submission or complete rejection, no half-way! Next is the story of the Prophet Isa and how […]

Summary of Juz 7

The number 7 in Arabic

Surat al-Ma’ida continued The Juz opens with a tribute to Monotheistic and Godly Christians who upon hearing the Quran are moved and accept it’s message. Some people had a habit of asking too many questions, they are warned not to do so, as they could be narrowing their own choices and would regret later. This […]

Summary of Juz 8

The number 8 in Arabic

Surat Al-Anam continued How the devil misleads? The idea of believing in one God was too much for the people of Makkah. They thought the Prophet was mad. But it was their leaders, referred to as the human devils who were misguided. Allah tells the messenger not to pay attention to their criticism since their […]

Summary of Juz 9

The number 9 in Arabic

Surat al-Araf continued Prophet Shu’ayb who lived in Madyan, east of Sinai faced rejection and persecution: the arrogant leaders of his community said, “We will expel you from our town, Shu’ayb, you and all those who believe in you, unless you return to our way of worship.” Eventually, “they were seized by an earthquake so […]