Can the Quran be read in English?

The Arabic Quran is the word of Allah, a Divine scripture and the speech of Allah. That’s why its reading earns merits, it’s a form of worship. All Muslims, Arab and non-Arab (80% of Muslims) ought to read it in Arabic. However, they must also read it in their native language so they can understand it. English speakers must read Quran in English so they can listen to their Lord speaking to them, directing them, enlightening them, if they didn’t read an English translation they would be deprived of this amazing wisdom. Its reading, study and reflecting is also valuable worship.

The daily reading of the Quran in English will toughen faith and strong faith fortifies a believer against the vanities of the world. We spend our lives gaining pleasure, popularity and collecting possessions. I suggest you read the Quran thoughtfully in English to spread it over your life. This experiential way of engaging with the Quran means to accept it wholeheartedly without hesitation, without a doubt. Then you’ll apply it to your daily activities.

The famous singer/artist Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) once told me “I learnt most of my religion by sharing with others my understanding of the Quran, I ran a study circle in Regents park mosque, where I would teach it”. You will feel like your dream has come true. Through the Quran Allah is clothing you in the righteousness of the beloved Messenger (peace be upon him), so you’re worthy in His sight and He has plans to ‘bless you as He has promised’.

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