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Some of us have submitted, and others are unjust. So the one who submits to Him, has received true guidance. (72:14)
Arabic and English


This erratum only applies to the First and Second editions. All these changes have been incorporated into our

The Majestic Quran on Quran stand

Motivate the Million

We want to set out our ambitious plan, concisely encapsulated in our vision ‘Motivate the Million’. A campaign

Translator of The Majestic Quran speaking Image

Interview with the Translator

Interview with the translator of the new ‘Plain English’ Quran Dr Musharraf Hussain has completed the translation of the

Open Quran

The Quran Aid Project

Dr. Musharraf Hussain Al-Azhari has been working continuously with passion and energy to benefit the Ummah with a new

Cover of The Majestic Quran

The message in plain English

For the first time ever this reader-friendly presentation of the translation of the Qur’an will help you to