What do we believe about the Quran?


The Quran is the speech of Allah, revealed in the form of a book. Speech is the quality of the Divine Lord. Through this, He communicates with His creation as He pleases. The Quran is the last and the final revelation sent down to guide humanity, there will be no revelation after this nor another […]

Eight Reasons Why You need a Quran Journal


Self-help gurus often praise the virtues of keeping a journal as a tool for self-development. It is a way to get in touch with your feelings, a way to track your development as a person and a way to develop a better understanding of the Quran. Here are some other reasons why you should keep […]

How is the Quran a healing medicine?


  Healing is the process of becoming sound or healthy again after some sort of illness. Allah is Al-Hadi – the Guide, the Loving and the Caring Lord. From the time of the creation of Adam and Eve, Allah has sent revelation to teach people how to live according to His will. By sending one […]

The major themes and topics of the Quran


This is an introduction to the major themes of the Quran, subjects and the strands of Quranic theology, emphasis is placed on the relationship of the major themes and their relevance to our lives and society. This will enable you to: Describe and explain the five major themes and their branches. Trace these themes in […]

Is there a Quran for beginners?


The Quran is the word of Allah and is the holiest book for Muslims. Most Muslims have read the Quran in Arabic. However, most Muslims have not actually read the Quran in their native language cover to cover, even once in their lifetime. There are many reasons for this. One of the main reasons is […]

Is there a Quran for busy people?


To believe that I am busy is a mental construct, it’s how I have prioritised my tasks, daily routines, domestic duties and work. It’s all about prioritisation. So, you can make a mental list of what are the most important tasks for you, so it comes first and then the next important and so on. […]

Why is the Quran regarded a miracle?


The Quran itself says it is a miracle. They said, “We will not believe you until you bring for us; a gushing spring from the Earth; a garden of date trees and grapes with a river flowing through it; cause a piece of the sky to fall on us as you claim. Or until you […]

What do the scholars say about reading the Quran after the Asr prayer?


A person can recite the Quran at any time of the day as mentioned in the Holy Quran: “Recite the Quran as much as you are able to with ease” (Muzammil: 20). In another verse, Allah mentions: “Whenever the Quran is recited, listen carefully to it and be silent so that you may benefit from […]

The Majestic Quran distributed to Parliamentarians


Alhamdulillah, last week we sent 1433 Qurans to all the MPs (650) and Lords (783) in the UK Parliament. The purpose of distributing the Quran is to dispel the misunderstanding of Islam that people may hold. The project aims to deal with Islamophobia as we want to spread awareness about Islam’s beautiful and peaceful teachings. […]

An effective way to study the Quran


Reading The Majestic Quran is not like reading any other book, it’s listening to Allah, being near him and feeling his presence, it’s a form of worship. The Quran is a living book that is relevant to our lives right now here in the West as much as it is in the East. Through His majestic […]