An effective way to study the Quran

Reading The Majestic Quran is not like reading any other book, it’s listening to Allah, being near him and feeling his presence, it’s a form of worship. The Quran is a living book that is relevant to our lives right now here in the West as much as it is in the East. Through His majestic speech, Allah tells us who we are, who he wants us to become, what wonderful gifts He has given us and what a great place of paradise He has created for us. The speech of Allah is both comforting, informing and inspiring.

A simple scheme for studying a section of the Quran

  1. Read the Arabic page tunefully and then read the English translation to get an overall picture of Allah’s message.
  2. Recite loudly out of amazement, express sadness at human disobedience and unwillingness to listen to Allah.
  3. When you read a passage describing the horrors of Hell, seek Allah’s protection and be fearful.
  4. Compare what you read with what you already know about this topic or section.
  5. Summarise as you go along and hold the overall argument in your head.
  6. Look for what Allah is telling you to do.
  7. Check each section and ask if you know what it means, if not check it again; sometimes it becomes clearer when you read it the second time.
  8. Read more carefully, looking for the Divine orders, the reasons and the Divine phrases.
  9. Once you’ve understood this feel happy and ready to apply the teachings to yourself for their long-term positive results.

Now capture all this learning on this worksheet that I have devised, get into the habit of filling it in after you have read a section or two. This is a great learning tool, helps your mind to organise the knowledge sequentially. Once you’ve summarised the section then fill in what moral lessons you’ve gleaned; then social relationships you’ve learnt about and finally what spiritual ideals were you inspired with? Live, Practice and Apply Quranic teachings!

The reading of the Quran will inspire us to obey Allah and carry out his commandments and avoid the prohibitions. It will motivate us to follow the moral imperatives and to avoid moral vices of anger, arrogance, jealousy and greed. So, whenever you read the Quran always suss out the commandment and then take steps to follow it and live it out. Take your first step to deepening your relationship with the Quran by studying from an easy to understand Quran translation.

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