Experience the Quran like never before

Key Features

Topical Headings

Effortlessly comprehend Quranic verses with organised headings and summaries.

Plain English

Unlock the Quran’s message with simple and engaging language suitable for all readers.


Endorsed and approved by the world-renowned Islamic Institution, Dar-Al-Iftaa (Egypt).

Introduction To Surahs

Enhance your understanding with holistic introductions and contextual backgrounds for each chapter.

Lessons For Life

Unlock life-changing lessons with Quranic teachings, discover valuable insights.

Easy To Read

Experience a modern and readable Quranic format. Effortlessly read in Arabic and English, suitable for all ages.

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Revitalise Your Connection with the Quran

“I have undertaken this translation because I owe so much to the Quran; it has given me meaning and a purpose in life. I feel indebted; this translation is a labour of love. I believe that this translation will offer fresh insights and understanding for readers living in a global village in an exciting age of Science and IT.”

Dr Musharraf Hussain Al Azhari, OBE, DL

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Why readers love the Majestic Quran

Say Goodbye to Complex Language and Sentences. The Majestic Quran Offers Modern-Day Readability for Easy Understanding.

The best thing I’ve ever bought so easy to understand and simple,




Mashallah it’s beautiful.

Well written and easy to read


A beautifully translated Qur’an! I’ve had a few translations before but I’ve always struggled to understand them fully, however this is amazing! The subheadings, the footnotes, they’re all so clear and the fact there’s Arabic alongside each part is just brilliant. Overall, a great purchase, I will definitely be ordering a few fory friends! (I would’ve preferred the cover to printed on rather than a separate paper because it’s getting very easily damaged and doesn’t sit as well, but that’s just me).

Worthwhile purchase!



So far this is legit and translation is correct as we sometimes worry when it comes to the word of the Quran. No errors or mistakes so far found, I had been asked every time I take it to the mosque where I got it. I will continue to gift it to every who askes. The most unique and helpful thing that you don’t find in other Quran’s is the side by side translation so it really helps understand what your reading.


Mrs Shopper


So beautiful to read Alhamdullilah!! If your looking to understand the Quran and find guidance, please do purchase.


Tahmin Chowdhury


Discover the Beauty of the Quran

Unveil the Divine message, read and comprehend the Quran as intended by Allah.

    Committed to serving the Ummah. Our values shape our efforts and behaviour.
    Preserving the Divine message. Our commitment is to uphold the authenticity of Allah’s word.
    At the heart of our mission is to deepen our relationship with the Quran.

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